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Retro Tech

150 images

Retro Tech Collection

150 images of beloved technology items from the past

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Product Details
Includes 15 images of radios from mid 20th century, 15 vintage television sets, 20 microphones from 1930s to 1970s, 15 transistor radios, vintage telephones of all sorts, miscellaneous 1980s 8-bit and 16-bit computers, VCRs, floppy disks, cassette tapes, 8-bit gaming consoles and more.

Package Size: 43 MB

Every of the images is delivered in SVG, EPS and PNG format. SVG and EPS images are 100% vector graphics - scalable without any quality loss and editable in most of vector graphics application. SVG and PNG images are ready to use on the web straight out of the box. All images are transparent and compatible with most operating systems and hardware.


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Samples from the collection

Retro Tech > Audio and video
Retro Tech > Computers
Retro Tech > Microphones
Retro Tech > Radios
Retro Tech > Telephones
Retro Tech > Television
Retro Tech > Transistor radio
(low-resolution - for preview purposes only)

Bonus Images Included

150 technically perfect vector icons are delivered free of charge together with Retro Tech Colection! Each icon comes in 3 different variants and in all supported formats, making it a total of 1350 files plus a neat PDF catalog. This package will be automatically added to your Retro Tech Clipart download at no additonal cost!

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