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WELCOME TO CLIPART LAB - the largest dedicated vector clipart shop on the Net! Our unique and high quality clipart collections can greatly enhance the quality of your designs for web and print. Each of the more than 300 clipart CDs in our shop can also be downloaded immediately after purchase. Please take some time to preview our excellent vector clipart collections. All our images are 100% vector graphics. The quality of our products is guaranteed!
Vector Art 1/2/3/4/5
6990 unique stylized-art images for less than ¢3 per image. This is our flagship collection, no other clipart store has anything similar to our famous ClipartLab Vector Art Mega Pack!
Animals Clipart
Highly professional photo-realistic set with large number of details, yet very low number of vector nodes. The images are very smooth and the price is extremely low for this kind of clipart.
Design Elements
Whether you are designing a logo, an icon, a background or just need a trinket to spice up your design, you'll certainly find the right image here. The must-have set for everyone!
RetroTech 1/2/3
Another photo-realistic set with great value for money. Check out these highly detailed vintage radios, TVs, record players, computers and other mid 20th century tech bestsellers.
Sport Mega Collection
Large amount of good quality images at affordable price is what makes this sports clipart collection standing out. It's a certainly a good and usable set that most designers will need at some point.
Music Clipart
Collection of 100 beautiful images of music instruments, very detailed, smooth and with lots of details. One of our cheapest yet the highest quality bundles.
Christian Clipart
This beautiful collection features more than 250 illustrations made in classic medieval woodcut style. Rare and priceless, straight from Renaissance to your 21st century computer!
Retro Toons 1/2/3
Large collection of retro-style cartoons at less than ¢15 a piece! And while they look like mid 20th century works don't be wrong - they are all fresh and unique, it's just the style that's old!

Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Masks, Ancient Mayan Art, Celtic Clipart, Native Art Animals, Tribal Masks

Abstract Fish, All Dog Breeds, Amphibians, Big Cats, Birds, Birds 2, Birds 3, Birds Predators, Bugs, Cartoon Cats, Cartoon Dogs, Cats, Cats 2, Cats 3, Cats 4, Dangerous Animals, Domestic Animals, Dogs, Doves, Dragonfly, Eagles, Fish, Fish 2, Fish 3, Fish 4, Funny Birds, Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Dragons, Funny Mice, Funny Water Animals, Horses, Horses 2, Horses 3, Horses 4, Insects, Mammals, Misc Animals, Predators 2, Toon Animals, Toon Animals 2, Toon Animals 3, Wild Animals

Big Guns, Guns, Military Insignia, Military Tattoo, Navy, Warbirds

Bundles & Mega Packs
Ancient Arts, Animals, Animals 2, Army Clipart, Christian Clipart, Fantasy Creatures, Flames, Floral Designs 1-2-3, Full Throttle, Home & Family, Music 1/2/3, Photorealistic, Retro Clipart 1-2-3, Retrotech 1-2-3, Sweet & Lovely, Tattoo, Toon Animals 1-2-3, Ugly Bunch, Ugly Bunch 2, Vector Art CD #1, Vector Art CD #2, Vector Art CD #3, Vector Art CD #4, Vector Art CD #5, Vector Art CD #6, Vector Art CD #7, Vector Art 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Comic Book Style
Amazon Women, American Native Indians, Berserks, Berserks 2, Crusaders, Ninja, Pirates, Pirates 2, Vikings, Vikings 2, Women Warriors

Angels, Christianity, Christianity 2, Christianity 3, Christmas Clipart, Crosses, Crosses 2, Crosses 3, Easter Designs, Saints, Saints 2, Spiritual Clipart, St Patrick, Panels, Valentines, Valentines 2, Xmas Art, Xmas Deco, Xmas Deco 2

Design Elements
Accents & Borders, Business Icons, Chinese Florals, Corners, Design Elements, Footprints, Fantastic Flowers, Floral Backgrounds, Floral Designs, Floral Designs 2, Floral Designs 3, Floral Designs 4, Floral Frames, Flowers & Leaves, Frames, Hands, Headers, Icons, Icons 2, Icons 3, Ribbons

Fantasy Creatures
Chinese Dragons, Chinese Dragons 2, Cyber Dragons, Cyber Girls, Cyber Horses, Cyborgs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs 2, Dragons, Dragons 2, Dragons 3, Dragon Lines, Dragon Kidz, Dragon Templates, Dragon Vignettes, Fantasy Girls, Fantasy Soldiers, Fantasy Zodiac, Fire Horses, Flaming Big Cats, Flaming Big Cats 2, Flamboyant Animals, Girls Elfy, Gnomes, Goblins, Graceful Zodiac, Horse Vignettes, Monster Fish, Monster Flowers, UFO & Aliens, Zodiac

Flaming Frames, Flaming Templates, Rounded Flames, Symmetric Flames

Anime Fighters, Anime Girls, Biomechanical Design, City Girls, Dancing, Dancing 2, Disco, Ecology, Emotions, Eyes, Girls Compositions, Graffiti Clipart, Graffiti Clipart 2, Healthy Lifestyle, Landscapes, Music, Music 2, Music 3, Music 4, Office, Office 2, Rave, Russian Architecture, Scenery, Scenery 2, Sci-Fi, Soviet Clipart, Soviet Clipart 2, Structures, Summer Fun

Angry Clowns, Angry Clowns 2, Cyber Skulls, Mean Creatures, Sea Monsters, Skulls, Skulls 2, Skulls 3, Skulls 4, Skulls 5

American Football, Body Building & Fitness, Body Building & Fitness 2, Extreme Sport, Extreme Sports 2, Power Sport, Racing Symbols, Sport Mega Collection

Tatoo & Tribal
Animal Bracelets, Bats, Beast Tattoos, Crazy Tribals, Crazy Tribals 2, Crazy Tribals 3, Crazy Tribals 4, Classic Tribals, Classic Tribals 2, Cyber Tattoo, Flowers Tattoo, Flowers Tattoo 2, Flowers Tatto 3, Lizards, Predators, Round Tribal Animals, Tattoo Butterflies, Tattoo Spiders, Tattoo Tribals, Tribal Animals, Tribal Animals 2, Tribal Animals 3, Tribal Water Monsters, Tribal Bears, Tribal Bikes, Tribal Bikes 2, Tribal Bikes 3, Tribal Bracelets, Tribal Bulls, Tribal Bulls 2, Tribal Deer, Tribal Dragons, Tribal Flowers, Tribal Horses, Tribal Predators, Tribal Racing, Tribal Racing 2, Tribal Skulls, Tribal Sports, Tribal Zodiac, Trucks Graphics, Racing Horses, Wings, Wolfpack

Computers, Gear, Retrotech, Retrotech 2, Retrotech 3

ATV Riders, ATV Riders 2, Bikes Clipart, Buggies & Bikes, Choppers, Flaming Hotrods, Manic Racers, Mean Riders, Motocross, Moto Racing, Muscle Cars, Off Road, Off Road 2, Off Road 3, Off Road 4, Off Road 5, Racing Trucks, Retro Cars, Retro Cars 2, Sport Cars, Special Equipment, Special Transport, Special Vehicles, Street Racing, Street Racing 2, Transportation, Transportation 2

Vignettes & Ornaments
Abstract Vignettes, Decorative Butterflies, Fantastic Butterflies, Russian Folk Art

All collections are completely resizable and editable and completely royalty free.
Instant download available - download and use images only couple of minutes after purchase!

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